Cargo Tracking Windows


With 3000 agents worldwide, we offer the solutions that benefits the state to organize the governance, control, and risk studies management. customs authorities will benefit from a simplification of customs clearance procedures, their will track the sensitive or illicit goods (Illegal transportation of small arms and equipment of war, Narcotrafic, Tax fraud and tax evasion, Illegal export of historical items, Illegal export of natural resources) and will finally be able to fight tax evasion more effectively

As part of our services, we provide tracking devise to support the ports & customs authorities for inspection of commercial shipments without having to unload the cargos, the objective is not to hinder trade facilitation.

Shippers want to be able to give their clients accurate information on the whereabouts of the containers both at sea and on the ground and efficient way.

  • The GPS technology Tracking
  • A Global Satellite System with global coverage
  • QR codes tracking for all Cargoes
  • 3000 ports Agents on worldwide