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Partnership agreement sign with OGERFREM
Participation in the meeting of the Union of African Shippers Counsil
At the Cabinet of the Congolese Minister of Health
Cesaire with the Congolese Minister delegated to decentralization
Cabinet of Ministry of Commerce Industry Investment and East Africa Community Affairs. South Sudan
Signature d’un accord de partenariat avec le fond d’investissement Citizens Finance, Johanesburg.
Partnership agreement with China Energy Engineering Group Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute
Partnership agreement with Sifax Group CEO in Geneva 2018
Signature of financing for Agopols projects with University Foundation FUAC Benin
Trip in Sultanate of Oman for negociation of Cargo Tracking systems
Cesaire with the Minister delegated to decentralization and his director of cabinet
At the office of the Congolese Minister of State for Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries Brazzaville
At the Cabinet of the Interim Prime Minister, with the Cabinet Director office El Beida