Our system allows the creation of a database on the expected maritime cargoes, hence the availability of reliable statistics tool for international trade data flows import and export of the country. The development of freight statistics is the basis of our business; these statistics are generally organized according to the mode of transport: sea, road, and air. Statistics on inland freight transport are mostly based on movements in each reporting country.


The collection of statistics on maritime transport of goods consist of the establishment of the ECTN on the statistical survey of the transport of goods and passengers by sea. The data on maritime transport are available for most States from 2001 onwards.


Statistics on the carriage of goods by road are collected by our system for the statistical survey of the transport of goods by road. The data are based on of the input in the reporting countries and record the transport of goods by road.


Statistical data on the carriage of passengers, freight and mail by air are collected on commercial flights. The information is broken down between the national and international freight transport.